Jazz was born at the stables of the famous breeder Huub van Helvoirt on May 21st 1991. A year before Huub had decided to cover his mare Charmante with the stallion Cocktail. Rider of Cocktail was Anky van Grunsven and Huub was very impressed by the way Cocktail moved and looked.

As a foal Jazz was strong headed, very active and lively. Tinie van Helvoirt, the wife of Huub, was the one who always named the fillies. In the year 1991 the name should start with a J. Because Tinie saw a lot of similarity between the behaviour of the filly and a good friend, photographer Jacob Melissen, Tinie decided to call the foal Jacob.

Although Huub van Helvoirt recognized the quality of Jacob (Jazz), he decided to sell him at the age of 6 months. Huub thoughts were that a colt is not easy to handle in the stables especially when there are a lot of mares.

Bob Rijsdijk bought Jacob (Jazz) when he was 6 months old and took him to his own stables where Jacob (Jazz) got the time to play in the field and grow.

When Jacob (Jazz) became 2.5 years, Bob prepared Jacob (Jazz) for the KWPN stallion selections. At that point he was convinced that Jacob (Jazz) was really a very special horse and gifted with a lot of talent. In 1994 the KWPN approved Jacob as a breeding stallion and at that moment the name was changed into Jazz.

KWPN Report in 1994 about Jazz:

Jazz was performance tested in 1994 and described as honest, reliable, temperamental, and likes to look at everything. Very willing to work and works well. His walk is easy with a long stride. He carries himself well in the trot, has very good use of the foreleg and has sufficient power. The canter is sufficient in scope and carriage but it should be more powerful. He rises in the forehand during dressage and he works well. He has a great deal of talent for dressage and gives his rider a good feeling. His scores were well above average with an 8 for his walk, an impressive 9.5 for his trot, 8.5 for his canter with three 9’s for trainability, stable behaviour and overall training.

After his approval at the KWPN studbook, the search started to find a rider for Jazz.

Grand Prix rider Tineke Bartels was asked if she was interested in riding and training Jazz. Tineke agrees and this is the start of a very successful cooperation between rider and horse.

Tineke starts riding Jazz  and she successively competes with Jazz at the Grand Prix.

“I always had a special feeling about Jazz, I still have. Jazz is very intelligent, has a friendly approach to people and was always very curious about everything.

I recognize his offspring not only by the typical Jazz look but also recognize them by character.

His offspring has a lot of energy and is very cooperative in working. Jazz had that also, every day when I was ready riding him I had a good mood and felt happy. He gave so much positive energy that it always made me happy”, says Tineke Bartels.

In the following years it becomes clear that Jazz is not only successful as a dressage horse but also in breeding. His offspring turns out to be very successful.

In the year 2001 there is big news. A syndicate (group of private investors) is raised to keep Jazz in the Netherlands for Sport and Breeding. On the 7th December the contract is signed by the participants and the name Broere becomes ahead of the name Jazz. Reason for that is that Cees Broere and his son Anne Broere are two main investors in the syndicate.

In 2002 Jazz and his rider Tineke Bartels successfully participate at the World Equestrian Games in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) as a Dutch Team rider.

Then, in 2004, the moment is there when the Syndicate decides to sell Jazz.

At that moment Cees and Anne Broere indicate their wish to own Broere Jazz 100% and they buy all the stocks from the other stockholders.

With the arrival of Broere Jazz at Studfarm Broere a new chapter begins for the stable rider of studfarm Broere, Kirsten Beckers. She becomes the new rider of Broere Jazz and they will have several very successful years ahead of them.

In 2005 Broere Jazz participates successfully at the Dutch Championships. Kirsten and Broere Jazz end on the fifth place.

The KWPN already gave Broere Jazz the predicate “Keur” and in 2006 they give him by life the predicate “Preferent”.

Another highlight takes place in 2007. The KWPN gives Broere Jazz the exclusive title “KWPN Horse of the Year 2006”.

Today, in the dressage breeding society Jazz is one of the most precious and successful breeding stallions. In 2008 and 2009 Jazz was the absolute number one at the WBFSH Ranking list.

In 2011 Jazz ended his sport career. January 2020 Broere Jazz passed away at the age of 29.