When Jazz was approved in 1994 at the KWPN Studbook it was the beginning of a long and successful breeding career. The first year Jazz already covered 100 mares, which is a high amount for a young stallion.
His first offspring was already successful in breeding and sport. On foal selections, auctions and competitions the offspring of Jazz is always successful!

At his offspring you notice that Jazz gives them his mark. All his offspring is built uphill, they have a lot of appearance, are intelligent and have no problems with the difficult exercises like Piaffe and Passage.

KWPN Offspring Report 1995 Jazz.

25 foals out of 100 coverings were presented for inspection. His foal report states Jazz presented a collection of sufficient to more than sufficiently developed riding type foals that are refined. The collection was very uniform, both in regards to shape and to movement.

The head is expressive and well formed. The neck has good shape and length but the transition into the wither/shoulder formation should be smoother.

The wither should be more developed but the length is very good. The shoulder has good length and placement. On the whole the back has good shape and muscling, the loins are sometimes a little dense. The croup has good shape and muscling and also has sufficient length. The foreleg is correct, sometimes a little straight. The hindleg is long and often has a strong angle. The circumference of the legs vary from fine to sufficient, the quality is good. The transition of the cannon to the hock is often sharp and the hock should be better developed. The walk is good and sufficient in scope.

The foals carry themselves well in the trot, show rise in the front and there is tact and scope with good use of the hindleg. They set their neck and they should relax more through the topline.

The foals seldom jump into the canter.

“Keur” Predicate  2003.

When Jazz is 12 years old he receives the Keur Predicate from the KWPN Studbook.

He follows into the footsteps of his father Cocktail.

With his riders Tineke Bartels and Kirsten Beckers Jazz developed as a Top Grand Prix horse which achieved many top results. One of the most memorable is his participating on the World Equestrian Games in Jerez de la Frontera. Besides his great performances also his successful offspring helped Jazz to receive the KWPN Predicate Keur.




KWPN Predicate Preferent 2006.

The KWPN rewarded Broere Jazz with the title Preferent. Because of his sporting achievements and his very successful offspring (Westpoint, Bristol, Tango, Chagall and of course Parzival), Jazz holds a title that none have exceeded.

Since Sire rankings have been calculated by WBFSH, Jazz has been number one four straight years, and in the top three the past 2 years.

Horse of the Year 2006.

As no other stallion Jazz marks his offspring with type, talent and movements.  His quality as breeding stallion was rewarded by the KWPN with the highest reward: the Preferent predicate. The KWPN Society proclaimed Jazz in 2006 as KWPN Horse of the Year.

Number 1 WBFSH Dressage Stallion 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

In 2008 Jazz becomes the  number one at the list of World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses, also known as WBFSH.

For Jazz this title means his International breakthrough as breeding stallion. There is no stallion who has so many offspring participating at Grand Prix Level, and there is no breeding stallion who has so many approved offspring like Jazz.


Jazz has countless offspring in National and International Sports. And not only his offspring is successful in the Dressage Sport. The most special offspring is perhaps the famous mare Vira (Jazz x Winny Jackson), ridden by her owner Elaine Pen at the highest level of Eventing.

Parzival (Jazz x Ulft) also deserves to be mentioned. With his rider and owner  Adelinde Cornelissen, the son of Jazz won almost everything to win. 2 time Olympic Games (2012, 2016), 2 time WEG (2010 and 2014), 4 time World Cup Final (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013), 3 time  European Championships (2009, 2011 and 2013) and various Dutch Championships.

We can say with no doubt that Parzival is the most successful offspring of Jazz.

Anno 2020, Jazz is still in the top ten with most offspring active in sport.