At the moment Jazz entered the arena everybody understood there was going to something to happen and that a special horse made his appearance. His talent for the highest dressage level was noticed at a young age by his rider Tineke Bartels. “ I recognized his talent and was always very careful in training, not to ask and train too intensive. As a young horse Jazz had so much movement and gummi. I took him a lot to stallion shows, Clinics etc. to teach him to travel and feel comfortable at different locations”, says Tineke.

In the year 2000 Jazz makes his International appearance. Jazz shows a lot of talent for piaffe and passage and the combination Jazz/Bartels become fourth at the Dutch Championships.

During CHIO Eindhoven they win the Freestyle and the Chef de Equipe for the Dutch Dressage Team decides to take them as a standby combination for the Dutch Team to Jerez de la Frontera in Spain for the World Equestrian Games.

Because one of the team members is not fit to compete, Jazz becomes a team member of the Dutch Team in Jerez de la Frontera.

Both riders, Tineke Bartels and Kristen Beckers, have booked good results with Jazz at National and also at International Dressage shows. They participated at several Dutch Championships, the WEG in Jerez de la Frontera, winning places at CHIO Rotterdam, Jumping Amsterdam, Zwolle International Stallion Show, Aachen are some highlights of the sportcareer of Broere Jazz.

Sport Results Jazz:

Dutch Championships: 

2002: 4th place
2003: 6th place
2004: 7th place
2005: 5th place
2007: 5th place

World Equestrian Games

2002: Jerez de la Frontera: 5th with Dutch Team, individual 29th

Honorary title

2006: KWPN Horse of the Year

Top 10 Results on International Competitions

2001: CDI-W Amsterdam: Grand Prix 9th, Freestyle 9th
2002: CDI-W Aarhus: Grand Prix 8th, Freestyle 8th
2002: International Stallion Show Zwolle: Grand Prix 3rd, Freestyle 3rd
2002: CDIO Aachen: Freestyle 4th
2002: CDI Lingen: Grand Prix 10th, Freestyle 9th
2002: CDI Rotterdam: Grand Prix 3rd, Freestyle 2nd
2002: CDI Oldenburg: Grand Prix 5th, Grand Prix Special 4th
2003: CDI Rotterdam: Grand Prix 3th, Freestyle 7th
2003: CDI-W Mechelen: Grand Prix 8th, Freestyle 9th
2004: CDI Hickstead: Freestyle 5th
2005: CDIO Rotterdam: Grand Prix winner, Freestyle winner
2005: CDI Arnhem: Grand Prix 5th, Freestyle 4th
2006: International Stallion Show Zwolle: Grand Prix 6th
2006: CDI Arnhem: Grand Prix 4th, Freestyle 3rd
2006: CDIO Rotterdam: Grand Prix 6th
2006: CDIO Hickstead: Grand Prix 3rd, Grand Prix Special 2nd, Freestyle 2nd
2007: International Stallion Show: Grand Prix 2nd
2007: CDI ‘s-Hertogenbosch: Grand Prix 2nd, Grand Prix Special 2nd
2007: CDI Arnhem: Grand Prix 5th, Freestyle 2nd
2007: CDI Rotterdam: Grand Prix 4th, Grand Prix Spécial winner
2007: CDIO Aachen: Grand Prix Special 6th, Freestyle 9th
2007: CDI Maastricht: Grand Prix 5th, Freestyle 3rd