KWPN Approved.

On March 25th 1994 Jazz was brought to the KWPN stallion test where he was ridden and tested.
Funny detail is that during the stallion test Jazz also had to jump. He was not so successful in showjumping, however during the years that came there were also several very good showjumping offspring of Jazz.  

With good results Jazz passed and he was written into the Stallion Studbook. At the moment the KWPN commission registers Jazz nobody knew yet what a special horse Jazz was and what he would mean in the future for the Dressage Breeding.  

KWPN Report in 1994 about Jazz:

Jazz was performance tested in 1994 and described as honest, reliable, temperamental, and likes to look at everything. Very willing to work and works well. His walk is easy with a long stride. He carries himself well in the trot, has very good use of the foreleg and has sufficient power.
The canter is sufficient in scope and carriage but it should be more powerful. He rises in the forehand during dressage and he works well. He has a great deal of talent for dressage and gives his rider a good feeling. His scores were well above average with an 8 for his walk, an impressive 9.5 for his trot, 8.5 for his canter with three 9’s for trainability, stable behaviour and overall training.


Stallion Performance Test

Walk: 8
Trot: 9.5
Canter: 8.5
Riding Test: 9
Jumping with Rider: 5
Free Jumping: 5
Character: 8
Behaviour: 9
Training Report: 9 

Torch Show.

Tineke Bartels always mentioned the character of Broere Jazz as positive. “When Jazz was young a lot of people called him spooky. But I always remember him as a positive horse who gave me a good and happy feeling when I rode him. So at one point I thought maybe we can convince the people about his fantastic character and attitude when we organise a torch show with ballet dancers.  

There was an intensive cooperation with ballet choreographer Yvon Schüler who composed a complete show around Broere Jazz and the ballet dancers.

It was fantastic. Jazz was playing with the audience and enjoying every bit of the show. He is such an arrogant guy who is very happy with himself”, says Tineke Bartels. 

The Torch shows were on several events like the KWPN Stallion show in 2001, in Ahoy Rotterdam.
All the shows were immediately sold out. The final show was at 2002 during Indoor Brabant.


World Equestrian Games Jerez de la Frontera 2002.

2002 is one of the memorable years for Tineke Bartels and Jazz. As a reserve combination for the Dutch Dressage Team Tineke Bartels travels to Spain.  However, everything changes when Silvano, the horse of team rider Ellen Bontje, is not fit to compete. Tineke Bartels and Jazz become a team rider and replace Ellen Bontje.  

Participating at the World Equestrian Games is a once in a lifetime experience.

With the good results during the National Championships in Nijmegen, the steady performance during CHIO Aachen and a fifth place for the Dutch Team in Spain at the WEG (29th individual) we can honestly say that 2002 was a memorable Jazz Year!  


KWPN Horse off the Year 2006.

During the KWPN Stallionshow in Den Bosch Jazz receives officially the Title KWPN Horse of the Year 2006. 

The KWPN proclaimed the title on ground that Jazz had at that time already a big influence in the  Breeding of Dressage horses. In 2006 the first offspring of Jazz made their appearance at the International Grand Prix and Jazz had already 7 licensed sons. A huge result concerning his young age. With this title Jazz enters the KWPN Hall of Fame of the KWPN approved stallions like Concorde, Manno and Nassau.  

Also the breeder of Jazz, Huub van Helvoirt and his wife Tinie van Helvoirt, were honoured with the Nimmerdor Trophy.

CHIO Aken 2007.

Participants, sponsors and visitors, everybody has a special feeling entering the showground at CHIO Aachen. Since many years the event is sold out long before it starts. The atmosphere, the entourage and the enthusiastic response from the crowd make the riders feel like riding at home.

With Tineke Bartels Jazz entered the arena in 2002 and the audience directly fell in love with the movements and talent of Jazz. In the Special they became the best Dutch combination that year.  

In 2007 Jazz came back to the magical ground in Aachen, this time with Kirsten Beckers. The Grand Prix Special turned out to be the speciality of Broere Jazz. With no hesitation and with so much pleasure Jazz played with his audience who became his fans.  

The KWPN wrote down at their website:  

Kirsten Beckers and the KWPN horse of the Year Broere Jazz showed their best test ever!
With a score of 72.28% in the Grand Prix Special they showed their perfect cooperation and harmony.
“It went so easy. During the test I had the feeling that everything went so well and so easy, there was no moment that I felt I had to correct Jazz, I really enjoyed the complete ride from the beginning till the end”, said Kirsten.  

Claartje van Andel/KWPN

Clones by Jazz.