Tineke Bartels always mentioned the character of Broere Jazz as positive. “When Jazz was young a lot of people called him spooky. But I always remember him as a positive horse who gave me a good and happy feeling when I rode him. So at one point I thought maybe we can convince the people about his fantastic character and attitude when we organise a torch show with ballet dancers.

There was an intensive cooperation with ballet choreographer Yvon Schüler who composed a complete show.
It was in one word fantastic. Jazz was playing with the audience and enjoying every bit of the show. He is such an arrogant guy who is very happy with himself”, says Tineke Bartels.

The torch shows were on several events like the KWPN Stallion show in 2001, Ahoy Rotterdam where all the 5 shows were immediately sold out. The final was at 2002 during Indoor Brabant.