During the Breeding Season 2018 we offer chilled and frozen semen from Broere Jazz.

Chilled Semen.


Breeding Fee € 2.850,-
Return fee when mare is not in foal:   € 2.600,-

Excluding VAT and transport cost.

Frozen Semen.

Special price in 2018 only for the dutch market.

We offer very good quality frozen semen of Broere Jazz.

Price per straw is €150,- excluding VAT and transportcost. Please contact us for price and delivery outside the Netherlands.

We kindly receive your order before 9 o’clock in the morning.  Please fill out the contact form below or call Studfarm Broere directly. Phonenumber : +31 (0) 683949639. Email: jazz@stoeterijbroere.nl

Chilled semen Broere Jazz

Frozen semen Broere Jazz

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